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My Boyfriend’s Back – Blu-ray Review

My Boyfriend's Back blu-ray box art

It’s always nice when a movie you remember from back in the day still holds up after several years. My Boyfriend’s Back is definitely one of those forgotten gems from the early 90’s that remains quite entertaining. That being said, my experience with film criticism today is a lot better than it was when I ...

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Dinotopia: The Series – DVD Review

Artwork from Dinotopia DVD set

Dinotopia is not a good series by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a fairly interesting curiosity from an otherwise dull era of television. Although there are many issues with the show, it still manages to tell an interesting story while showing off some pretty good CGI effects and set design. Unfortunately, there ...

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Spaced Invaders – Blu-ray Review


When I heard that Mill Creek was finally going to release one of the most underrated movies of my childhood on blu-ray, I was absolutely ecstatic. Given the label’s notoriety for cheap (and affordable) releases, I wasn’t expecting much more than a barebones release, but sometimes that’s alright when you get a really good transfer. ...

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The Lady From Shanghai – Blu-ray Review


What is the typical film noir? It’s not necessarily a genre, it’s more of a style. After watching a few movies like Gun Crazy, Out of the Past or even this film, that should become immediately apparent. Although they do share similar pulp elements, there’s also something unique about each movie that sets them apart ...

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The Wild One – Blu-ray Review


The second that I saw this blu-ray, I knew that I was in for something special. After all, The Wild One is the very definition of a classic and important film. However, it wasn’t the movie title alone that instantly impressed me – it was the packaging. With artwork that rivals some of the beautiful ...

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Scared Silly: 13 Classic Horror Comedies – DVD Review


Once again, Mill Creek brings us another multi-film pack with some gems and some public domain padding. Sometimes these sets can really surprise you, and sometimes they are exactly what you expect. Let’s dive in and see what Mill Creek has brought us this time. Creature From the Haunted Sea Spoiler alert: The monster looks ...

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Blue Thunder – Blu-Ray Review


It’s hard to pinpoint when the super-vehicle became a subgenre in sci-fi and action cinema, but it is a genre that was clearly inspired by the vehicles of James Bond. Blue Thunder is the first in a short wave of super helicopter cinema and television. It was followed closely by a TV series with the ...

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Soap (1977) – Seasons 1 & 2 DVD Review


Throughout the late 70’s and early 80’s, there were a plethora of amazing genre bending films and television shows that changed the way we looked at television. While there was still an audience for the classic, family friendly fare that Baby Boomers and their parents had grown up with, the viewership for that content began ...

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