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Ex Machina – Movie Review


Will mankind ever create artificial intelligence that will masquerade as human? Ex-Machina attempts to tackle that question along with the morality of such experiments. Should we create artificial life just because we can? When it falls outside its operating parameters, can we just discard it? Ex-Machina is a clever and beautiful film which is reminiscent of many slow ...

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Girl Walks Into A Bar – Movie Review


Sounding like the start of a joke, I added this to my streaming queue only because Carla Gugino has become one of my go-to girls over the past two years after watching Women In Trouble and Elektra Luxx and falling madly in lust for this woman. Though I had enjoyed her work in Spy Kids, ...

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Fat Kid Rules The World – Movie Review


Netflix is a good place to find movies that you never even heard of, and when I saw the title of the movie Fat Kid Rules The World, I added it to my queue. My first impression on what it was going to be about was the snot nosed kid from Bad Santa all grown ...

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Cloud Atlas (2012) – Movie Review


I remember vaguely that my girlfriend wanted to watch a movie called Cloud Atlas as we were at Redbox one day looking for films. My common response usually is “Will I like it?” If Elisabeth says “probably not,” 9 times out of 10 she is correct. Fast forward a few months and while at work, ...

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Cinematic Catastrophe: A Scanner Darkly


In the near future, America has lost its War on Drugs

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4-Movie Hollywood Hits: Return of the Vampire/Revenge of Frankenstein/Mr. Sardonicus/Brotherhood of Satan – DVD Review


Today we’re going to review another set from Mill Creek, this time with 4 veritable horror classics.

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To Kill A Mockingbird – Blu-ray Review


I have been an avid fan and supporter of the Blu-ray format for many years, but sometimes I really do believe that the people bringing us these fabulous, high definition prints of our favorite movies don’t know a damn thing about them. I’m sure everyone involved with these project thinks that they know what they ...

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Welcome To The Brain Palace Podcast – Double Feature!

Double Feature

Because of the long delay in episodes we decided to release two on the same day. Enjoy our little rambles! Welcome to the Brain Palace: Bridge to Hell Welcome to the Brain Palace: A-Team

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