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Spaced Invaders – Blu-ray Review


When I heard that Mill Creek was finally going to release one of the most underrated movies of my childhood on blu-ray, I was absolutely ecstatic. Given the label’s notoriety for cheap (and affordable) releases, I wasn’t expecting much more than a barebones release, but sometimes that’s alright when you get a really good transfer. ...

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The Lady From Shanghai – Blu-ray Review


What is the typical film noir? It’s not necessarily a genre, it’s more of a style. After watching a few movies like Gun Crazy, Out of the Past or even this film, that should become immediately apparent. Although they do share similar pulp elements, there’s also something unique about each movie that sets them apart ...

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Movies to Watch Before I Die

Death pathway

Recently, I spent a week in the hospital. I had a couple procedures done that while mild and quite common, did leave me laying in a hospital bed alone in a town that I had never been in. More than 800 miles away from friends and family, I was watching trashy television while mentally pacing ...

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The Film Frame: TOUCH OF EVIL


Amongst film buffs, Orson Welles is a subject that invokes both enthusiasm and a bit of disappointment. On one end, Welles’ has left us with some of the greatest films ever made, such as Citizen Kane, Touch of Evil, The Lady from Shanghai, and The Stranger. But on the other end of the spectrum, Orson ...

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