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Five E3 Announcements We Want to See


Each year at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, video game companies both big and small announce their future plans for the upcoming year and beyond. Most of the time, gamers have no idea what to expect, but there are some announcements that will leave very few people surprised. Even if they aren’t shocking, sometimes the obvious ...

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Wing Commander – Series Retrospective


Space games seem to have been sucked into a black hole of gaming in recent years. The genre has suffered as gamers have focused their appetites to more action oriented games, but there was a time when space combat simulators were at the cutting edge, pushing the boundaries of technology and story telling in gaming. ...

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EA Tried to Buy Valve for $1 Billion


In a move that was no doubt made purely to eliminate their competition, inside sources are reporting that EA has held talks with Valve to buy the company for upwards of $1 billion. Of course, these talks probably didn’t take place any time recently, as reports suggest that Valve is actually worth closer to $2.5 ...

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EA/Maxis Says PC Gaming Isn’t Dead


I know what you’re going to say, because I said it as well. Of course PC gaming isn’t dead, you idiot! If anything, this market is starting to become serious competition for consoles. In a statement from EA/Maxis that will shock nobody, lead producer Kip Katsarelis recently said that the PC market for video games ...

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THQ President Says Gaming is Moving Away from $60 Boxed Goods


There’s been a lot of debate over the last few years about whether or not physical media will still have a place in our homes for very long. While many have flat out declared that it will not, others have said that there will be a place for it. Recently, THQ’s newly appointed president Jason ...

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PRE3 2012 – G33k-e Podcast


What, you thought that we weren’t going to cover one of the biggest weeks in the geek calendar? Yeah, right! Today, we’re proud to bring you the very first E3 Podcast from G33k-e.com. Entitled PRE3, it is designed to give us a chance to discuss the state of the gaming world going into the conference, ...

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Steam Holiday Sale Goes Live – Free Games and Coupons!


Well, Steam is at it again. Earlier this year they celebrated the Summer with an awesome event featuring some pretty cool deals. If you participated in the event, you had the chance to win DLC and even some games! Well, they’ve set up a similar event for the Holidays, in which you have an opportunity ...

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