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Ex Machina – Movie Review


Will mankind ever create artificial intelligence that will masquerade as human? Ex-Machina attempts to tackle that question along with the morality of such experiments. Should we create artificial life just because we can? When it falls outside its operating parameters, can we just discard it? Ex-Machina is a clever and beautiful film which is reminiscent of many slow ...

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10 Things the Divergent Series Got Wrong


This post was written by Guest Contributor Rhydnara I read Divergent when I was in a really weird place in my life. At the time, I was in a serious relationship in which I was crazy in love, but he wasn’t. I knew I had to break it off, but couldn’t bring myself to make ...

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Judge Dredd: Superfiend Review


2012 saw the release of Dredd, an excellent motion picture version of the comic book series Judge Dredd. Karl Urban took the reigns of the justice dispenser himself, and he fit the role perfectly. The entire film generally felt like it was crafted with love and care, accurately representing what the fans wanted after the ...

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The Machine – Movie Review


The idea of human and machine hybrid technology has been the basis of many great stories, from the classic Frankenstein to science fiction films such as Blade Runner, Terminator and Robocop. Throughout these stories, there is often the dark question of whether or not humans should play the role of Nicolas Cage, with many creations ...

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Krull (1983) – Blu-ray Review


Back in the 80’s, there were a lot of great sci-fi and fantasy films being released. The genres were both so popular that a lot of studios started coming up with whatever they could to cash in on the craze. Thanks to movies like Star Wars lighting up the box office, it was possible for ...

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Blade Runner: The Game – A Retrospective


The futuristic, bleak, smog filled, rain sodden, crowded, high-tech world that is depicted in Ridley Scott’s 1982 cult science fiction film Blade Runner appears to be an increasingly accurate prediction of how modern society is evolving. Set in the year of 2019, in a multi-cultural, neon lit and advertisement filled Los Angeles, it follows the ...

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Aeon Flux – Retrospective Review


Aeon Flux (The Animated Series) Review Retrospective by Vermin Artwork by VerminArt What is better than a femme fatale wearing skimpy costumes, guns blasting, blood and body parts flying everywhere, all set in a strange futuristic world? Answer: probably not a lot, as this is a great formula for some very good (albeit perhaps standard) ...

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Gravity: A ‘Castaway’ Rehash


I was sitting in the IMAX Theater, full of anticipation for what was supposed to be — by all accounts — a mind blowing cinematic masterpiece and a true tour de force performance by both the iconic Sandra Bullock and George Clooney… Boy was I disappointed!

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