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Five E3 Announcements We Want to See


Each year at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, video game companies both big and small announce their future plans for the upcoming year and beyond. Most of the time, gamers have no idea what to expect, but there are some announcements that will leave very few people surprised. Even if they aren’t shocking, sometimes the obvious ...

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Why Wright and Goddard Leaving Marvel Isn’t the End of the World


Friday, the 23rd of May, brought the news that director Edgar Wright would be parting ways with Marvel and will no longer be directing Ant Man. The next day, Latino Review reported and the Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Drew Goddard would no longer be the showrunner of the Daredevil series. Both of these announcements (but ...

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No, Comcast Didn’t Just Burn Netflix


Over the past few days, articles have been popping up all over the web purporting that a deal recently struck by Comcast was some kind of direct attack against Netflix. While one could easily make the case that the digital streaming service was burned by the earlier deal struck between the two companies (wherein Netflix ...

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Post E3 2012 With G33k-e


Hey guys! Garbage Gamer and Stoudman are finally back to give their final thoughts on E3 2012 with our Post E3 Podcast. The conferences were pretty interesting this year, so you know you’re in for a lot of discussion. Sadly, with only a short time to talk about the whole show, we weren’t able to ...

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PRE3 2012 – G33k-e Podcast


What, you thought that we weren’t going to cover one of the biggest weeks in the geek calendar? Yeah, right! Today, we’re proud to bring you the very first E3 Podcast from G33k-e.com. Entitled PRE3, it is designed to give us a chance to discuss the state of the gaming world going into the conference, ...

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Microsoft Will Not Announce New Console at E3 2012


Gamers everywhere have been awaiting the next big thing from Microsoft for quite some time. Sure, their 360 was, and arguably still is, a huge success. However, even the hardcore 360 fans would have to admit that the design of the system left something to be desired. With an abysmal failure rate, even in these ...

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MLB 12 The Show Review


For years Playstation’s MLB The Show franchise has been, by far, the best Baseball & sports game overall on the market. Does that still remain the case? In today’s video episode of The Raz Man’s Reality, The Raz Man gives his opinion in this review. To keep up with all my videos & my radio ...

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Gamers Believe Microsoft Will Launch Portable Device


Ahh, don’t you just love the rumor mill? I’ve been around long enough to hear quite a few rumors about supposed consoles, and it would seem that some things truly never change. In a recent study done by Playr2, a group of nearly 2,000 self-confessed gamers were asked what their thoughts were on the possibility ...

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