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The Duality of DC: Or Why Marvel Films Will Always Be Better Than DC Films


I went on a tweeting rampage recently (rampage is defined here as a flurry of posts on one subject) about the duality of the two most popular DC Comics characters after being asked which I liked better Marvel or DC. This is the main reason why I feel that the Marvel films are better and ...

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Crossover Events: Marvel vs DC


One thing comic fans love, hate, and love to hate is the crossover. While superhero team-ups and crossovers have been around since almost the beginning of the medium, characters crossing over into books that are not their own is now almost a monthly occurrence.  Major events nowadays are almost required to feature a large roster ...

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The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) – Movie Trailers


Holy Moses! Sony has released a new trailer for their Spider-Man reboot, and every reservation I had concerning the project has been practically dispelled. The Amazing Spider-Man, directed by Marc Webb, is looking like it will have all the style, swag, and real world grit that was lacking in Sam Raimi’s rendition of Marvel’s number ...

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Ultimate Comics Spider-man #4 Review


My Ultimate Comics Spider-man reviews have finally made their way into video reviews. I give a brief summary of the issue and my thoughts on it. I’m still trying to get a better handle on my editing software, so please be forgive some of the rough editing. Sorry there haven’t been more videos, but I’ve ...

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Ultimate Comics Spider-man Issue 3 Review

Ultimate Comics Spiderman 3 Tumb

As stated in previous reviews, I am a huge fan of Brian Micheal Bendis and in particular his writing on Ultimate Spiderman. I haven’t been keeping up with it in the past few years, but I decided to get back on board with this second volume of Ultimate Comics Spider-man. In my last review, I ...

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Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man (Volume 2) Issues 1 and 2 Mini-Review

Ultimate Comics Spiderman Issue 1

With everyone talking about the new DC 52, Marvel’s New Ultimate Comics similar renumbering. Of course, most hardcore comic fans write off the Ultimate Comics line because of its concept and less than stellar stories over the past few years. While I haven’t kept up with the universe in years, I, like most, heard about ...

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The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman (and Marvel Superhero Island) Amusement Ride Review


Ten years before Disney bought Marvel comics, the Mouse’s main competitor dipped their toes into bringing the Marvel Universe into the realm of theme parks. In 1999, Islands of Adventure opened as part of the Universal Studios Orlando resort. The park opened with six different “islands” : Port of Entry, Seuss Landing, The Lost Continent, ...

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The Amazing Spider-man (2012) – Movie Trailers


Can’t get enough trailers? Well, I saw this one right before Captain America in theaters, and I knew you guys would probably dig it. There’s been a lot of both positive and negative talk about the latest reboot of the Spider-man series, but nobody knew for sure how it was going to turn out. To ...

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