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Issue One Reviews: Spider-Men


Ever since the Ultimate Universe was introduced, fans have speculated about a potential crossover between it and the regular Marvel Universe. For even longer, Marvel has said that the only way that would happen is if they ran out of ideas. Well, 12 years later, the crossover is finally happening. Though to be fair, the ...

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Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man Poster Revealed


Well, it seems in an attempt to garner up some interest in their too soon of a reboot, Sony has released a new poster that delivers their stance on the upcoming film.  According to this poster, the reboot will feature “The Untold Story”, which has got to be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ...

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Ultimate Comics Spider-man Issue 3 Review

Ultimate Comics Spiderman 3 Tumb

As stated in previous reviews, I am a huge fan of Brian Micheal Bendis and in particular his writing on Ultimate Spiderman. I haven’t been keeping up with it in the past few years, but I decided to get back on board with this second volume of Ultimate Comics Spider-man. In my last review, I ...

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Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man (Volume 2) Issues 1 and 2 Mini-Review

Ultimate Comics Spiderman Issue 1

With everyone talking about the new DC 52, Marvel’s New Ultimate Comics similar renumbering. Of course, most hardcore comic fans write off the Ultimate Comics line because of its concept and less than stellar stories over the past few years. While I haven’t kept up with the universe in years, I, like most, heard about ...

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