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Terms and Conditions

There are none! But no, really. All you need to be aware of is that anyone caught phishing or spamming or providing any other malicious content through our forums or comments may find their content removed and their IP address banned. Similarly, if anyone should be found to be harassing a member or contributor of the site, they will find their content removed. We take these types of things very seriously, as we will not allow anyone using our site to feel as if they have been wronged in any way. That being said, if you disagree with something that a contributor has posted on our website, we will not be held responsible for your anger or rage. So long as you keep it clean, you can feel free to respond back to any contributor with as much nerd rage as you can. If things get dirty and slanderous messages become a little too difficult to ignore, your content may be removed from the site.

Another thing to keep in mind is that we do not support any religious, racist, or politically motivated activities whatsoever. If any content posted on our site by either contributors or members is found to have any of these qualities, it will be removed immediately. g33k-e.com is an equal opportunity website that is willing to support many different people of many different backgrounds. So long as they are good providers for the site, they will be treated with the utmost respect. As for our services, we don’t really sell anything here, nor do we have any intention of doing so at this point. For the time being, this is all you need to know about our Terms and Conditions, but please be aware that as with the Privacy Policy, it can and very well may be changed in the future as the site continues to grow. Thanks for your time.