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Dexter: Season 7 – Blu-ray

DEXTER Season 7, the little season that could, and did… sort of.


The last two seasons of the series have been relatively disappointing, with season six being the lowest part of the series so far, and it seems as if the show’s producers put their ears to the message boards and actually took notice. Unfortunately, in an attempt to get the show back on track, they tossed away the few good ideas that happened to spring up during the latter portions of the series.

Season 6 ended by setting up a potential showdown between Dexter and Louis Greene, a video game designer working with Miami Metro while he searches out inspiration for his new game HOMICIDAL TENDENCIES, a game where you actually play as famous serial killers throughout the decades; Jeffrey Dahmer, Jack the Ripper, and of course, Miami’s own Bay Harbor Butcher. After Dexter shoots the idea, he unknowingly unleashes the vindictive side of the computer savvy Louis.

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This brings me to one of the many things I both loved and hated about the season. For anyone who isn’t familiar with Dexter and the code that he lives by, Dexter does not kill anyone who isn’t actually a murderer themselves. While Louis does go out of his way to ruin Dexter, he isn’t a killer, which ties Dexter’s hands and forces him to think outside of the box and get creative rather than just stabbing away his problems. This is a unique idea and could have had some serious potential, but the feud sadly comes to an abrupt end. This is truly a shame, because they really had something interesting going. Fortunately, his replacement is one of the best characters to appear on the entire series.


Special guest star Ray Stevenson (PUNISHER: WARZONE, KILL THE IRISHMAN) is the best thing DEXTER season 7 has to offer, and it’s definitely worth the price of admission. Stevenson plays Isaak Sirco, the leader of an Eastern European organized crime syndicate known as the Koshka Brotherhood. For all the money and power, Isaak Sirco still likes to get up close and personal, especially after Dexter bumps off one of Isaak’s fellow Koshka brothers. Isaak is cool, slick, and badass. Although he’s not a totally original character, Ray Stevenson is the man and definitely deserves a place among the best characters to appear on the show.

All good things must come to an end, including Isaak Sirco’s run on the season, which does come to an end far too soon to make way for yet another love interest, an angle that has been done to death since the inception of the show. Lumen, Rita, Delilah and now Hannah, each representing a new possibility of a life that could be. The character Hannah McKay (like Isaak Sirco) isn’t entirely original or interesting, but where Ray Stevenson played Isaak, Hannah is played by Yvonne Strahovski (the voice of Miranda Lawson from MASS EFFECT 2 & MASS EFFECT 3) and she does nothing to elevate the character. Actually, I found her and her storyline kind of boring, especially since I know it could have been Ray Stevenson vs. Michael C. Hall for the finale.

For the season finale it honestly feels like they looked to the original source material for inspiration, because it almost plays out just like the ending of the first book, minus a couple characters that are obviously there in spirit. The ending of season 7 is the closest that the series has come to reflecting the books since the first season, which was nice, even if it felt a little forced at times.


Speaking of forced, a lot of the supporting characters are nearly forced out of this season entirely; they’re not much more than walking, talking props at certain points. Everyone’s favorite perverted lab geek, Vince Masuka, is boiled down to a couple “Here’s those test results you ordered Deb,” and maybe one dick joke for the entire season. Quinn gets a fair share of screen time this go around, but he apparently doesn’t own a hair brush and every time I see his bedhead hair I just want to spit in my hand, smooth it over for him, and send him off to school. Quinn wears gold jewelry, hundreds of silk shirts, and Italian loafers; you’re telling me he doesn’t care to comb his hair in the morning? Dexter’s son, Harrison, was three episodes away from being written off the show entirely. I nearly forgot that Dex had a kid until they mentioned him in a phone call towards the end of the season.

As far as the blu-ray itself, the picture was par for the course and the sound was what I want out of a blu-ray release, so no complaints there. However, there is a complaint to be made: There isn’t a single bonus feature this season. The closest thing that could be construed as a special feature is an Ultraviolet download code for the pilot episode of Showtime’s new series RAY DONOVAN.


In the end, I feel that season 7 is a definite improvement over the previous two installments. It’s very relieving to see that they’re heading in the right direction as they round the homestretch. Here’s hoping they go out with a bang instead of a whimper. At this point, I wouldn’t mind them just pulling out all the stops and making the most ridiculous season of Dexter ever. Season 7 definitely feels like a different beast creatively and has a very different feel than the show it originally started out as. May as well continue the trend and go out in a big way.

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