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Godzilla: The Series DVD Review

GodzillaTheSeriesMillCreek01bWe all remember the much maligned 1998 film Godzilla, directed by Roland Emmerich and starring Matthew Broderick and a slew of other amazing character actors. However,  many people were never made aware that Adelaide Productions (Extreme Ghostbusters, Men in Black the Series, Dilbert, Jackie Chan Adventures and Big Guy & Rusty the Boy Robot) followed up the movie with an animated series that takes place directly after the film ends.

In the series, Nick Tatopoulos finds the only surviving GINO (Godzilla In Name Only) egg, but before he can take action it hatches. The creature assumes that Nick is its parent and forms a bond with him. The rest of the series follows Tatopoulos and HEAT (Humanitarian Environmental Analysis Team), as Zilla ends up being the team’s ultimate weapon against the various monsters that they encounter.

Mill Creek Entertainment presents the series in a 4 disc (10 episodes per disc) set. I would have preferred to see no more than 8 episodes per disc in order to ensure a high bitrate, but honestly it doesn’t look like the bitrate was hit very hard by their decision in this case. Each episode looks pretty good and this is definitely a serviceable DVD set.

The animated series has been available on Netflix for a few years now, and I had previously watched the entire series when it first showed up on the streaming service. Some of the episodes feel very formulaic, while many others have a unique feel to them. It is a decent mix of okay-to-great content and it holds your attention. Some of the best episodes are Monster Wars Part 1-3, S.C.A.L.E., Area 51, and Hive (clearly inspired by the proposed Godzilla 2 treatment).

Gd78I can highly recommend this series for Godzilla fans and fans of great animated series. This series feels more like Godzilla than the movie that spawned it. You can pick up the complete series from Mill Creek Entertainment for fairly cheap and you definitely will not regret it. The animation is smooth, concise, and well done. It has a top notch voice cast that includes Rino Romano, Brigitte Bako, and Frank Welker as Godzilla (no he doesn’t talk, Welker is well known for doing animal sounds including parts of the T-Rex Roar in Jurassic Park). Even if you didn’t like Godzilla 98, I would recommend giving this series a shot — it may just surprise you.

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