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Issue One Reviews: Smallville Season 11

Ever since Buffy Season 8, there has been a recent trend of continuing canceled shows in comic form. And if one show is tailor made for a comic continuation, it’s Smallville. I’ve watched Smallville on and off since it’s premiere, own all the seasons, and I’ve seen all the episodes, so I’m pretty familiar with the characters and universe of the show (but I am by no means an expert). For the few of you unfamiliar with Smallville, it was a show about Clark Kent before he became Superman. It began as a teen drama with superpowers, but became a reinterpretation of the Superman mythology in its later seasons. As a spoiler to no one, the show ended with Clark finally becoming Superman. However, after watching the show for so many years, it was kind of disappointing not see Clark and company adjust to him going public as Superman. As a warning, I will be spoiling some specifics about the end of the show and the comic itself, so be warned.
The series is being released digitally first, in small portions. However, I am reading it from the first printed issue. The issue begins with Chloe and Ollie waking up at the Watchtower, Lois sleeping alone, and Lex watching Superman flying away. In what I assume is a tribute to Superman IV, Clark saves a group of Russian astronauts aboard a shuttle. We then get some Clark/Lois banter that we fell in love with in the show. Afterwards, we see Lex and General Lane discussing Lexcorp’s proposal to have weapons in space in the event of an alien attack. Down on the street, Clark is buying something when he is approached by Lex. Lex knows that he and Clark were friends, although he doesn’t remember any of it due to the events of the series finale. Clark disappears when he is approached by none other than Tess Mercer. By the docks, some generic crime deal is going down when the Green Arrow appears to stop it. A bazooka is fired at Ollie, but Clark arrives just in time to block it. After handing over the criminals, Ollie and Clark talk and it is revealed that Ollie is moving with Chloe to Star City. Back at the Watchtower, Chloe and Lois are watching the monitors and they seeing a ship headed towards Earth.
This comic is written by Smallville writer Bryan Q. Miller, and has a feel that is similar, but not identical to the show it is based on. The art is good at some points, but really horrendous at others. As a first issue, it gives a brief introduction on where the characters are and what they’ve been up to in the time since the show ended. It has some good cliffhangers, but the issue itself doesn’t really have too much of a story. However, it works because we have to get back into the swing of things in the Smallville universe. I’ll definitely keep picking this series up, but if you didn’t watch Smallville, especially in its later seasons, I really can’t recommend this book to you.

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