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Rainmaker Considering a Return of Reboot?

reboot-7Last spring was a time for hope and curiosity as Rainmaker Entertainment announced their decision to sell their animation division to Xing Xing Digital. Many were wondering just what Xing Xing would do with the studio, while others were worried that they wouldn’t do anything. After all, at this stage in the game, doing nothing is pretty much par for the course. Fans of Rainmaker’s flagship animated series Reboot have been clamoring for something new for years, but sadly there haven’t really been many attempts by the studio to make a return. With the resurgence of popular animated series from the same era such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, My Little Pony and other such shows, you’d think they’d at least give some thought to bringing back this beloved and groundbreaking cartoon.

MV5BMTQyMTk4NjkyMl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzA2OTY4OA@@._V1_SX214_Sadly, the deal with Xing Xing Digital fell through at the last second and Rainmaker has done their best to stay on target with their other projects. Just last week they released a new CGI animated film to theaters entitled Escape From Planet Earth, which actually surprised a lot of people. Here came a family friendly film that had no big names attached to it, barely any budget put into marketing, from a studio most people had forgotten about – nobody expected this movie to succeed at the box office, especially not in the dead of winter. However, when the numbers came in after President’s Day weekend, they revealed that this relatively unknown little family flick actually made quite a bit of money. As of writing this, the film has already earned an estimated $21 million in a mere three days. This doesn’t quite pay back the budget spent on the film, but with a few more weekends Rainmaker could find themselves in a very good place financially.

This is obviously very good news, and it appears that it could even be great news for fans of Reboot. Why? Well, upon tweeting about his excitement over Escape From Planet Earth, twitter user @Zerogamer received a response from @RainmakerEnt that no doubt surprised him and definitely surprised me. From a company that has said relatively little about this landmark series over the past few years, the following message is quite meaningful and should instill hope in every die hard fan:


Just so we’re clear here, the bulk of @Zerogamer‘s message was in support of the new film; he only mentions Reboot in passing. Regardless, Rainmaker responded to his query with a message that fans should take notice of. They’re watching us and chances are they’re looking to see if there’s enough interest in the franchise to consider a return to the series that started it all. You know what that means, right? It’s on you guys to make this happen. Show Rainmaker that you want Reboot back in your life. At the very least, get on Twitter and use the hashtag #BringbackReboot whenever you’re talking about the show. If you show some love for this series, maybe it’ll be the next one to see a…reboot?

Much thanks to @Zerogamer, who posted this news on our Facebook profile earlier today. If you’ve got any news related to Reboot or other geeky stuff, feel free to do the same any time! As a fan, I couldn’t be more happy to find out that there is actually still some support for the series, so I can’t thank this g33k-e follower enough for his dedicated efforts.

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