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Smodimations: The Smodcast Cartoon Show Season One Review

Intro: Since 2007, director Kevin Smith and his producer Scott Mosier have been doing a weekly podcast, with topics that normally include conversations about Nazis, Sharks, and Harry Potter. The show helped to create the Smodcast Network of podcast, the “sm” branding that Smith has been putting on everything lately. Eventually, animator Steve Stark began animating some of the most memorable stories/situations from Smodcast and releasing them on Youtube. At the end of 2011, Shout! Factory released the first season of Smodimations on DVD.

The Main Feature: The episodes present in this DVD are not as they originally aired, but include brief interludes to blend the segments together and present the shorts as a feature. The interludes are short and don’t seem too out of place, although it would’ve been nice to keep the shorts as they were. The animation is preceded by a live intro from Smith and Mosier. Included on the disc are Smodimations classics such as “Aquatic Justice”, “Forgeticus”, “Twin Pine Mallrats”, and both episodes of “The Crapture.” Even if you are intimately familiar with the audio versions of these stories, the animation will enhance them, making you laugh even harder than if you were to just listening to them. The first season is currently gone from Youtube, but if you want a taste of what you would be getting, some of Season 2 is on there.


Special Features: Unlike Too Fat for 40, where the extras were more than was necessary, here the extras fall short. While it is nice to have two full-length clips of Hollywood Babble-On and Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, I would’ve preferred to have maybe a featurette about how the show came to be, or what goes into animating each of the episodes. That being said, the two special features we do have are pretty awesome. Presented on the DVD are the episodes, almost in full. The quality on the special features are pretty good, considering there’s two of them and the main Smodimations on the same DVD.


Packaging: The disc is in the regular Shout! Factory clear case. Nothing special once again, but it looks nice. There is a newly drawn cover by animator Steve Stark. The package is covered with different versions of Kev and shape shifting Scott.

Conclusion: Smodimations are some of the funniest cartoons on the internet. This is an essential for any Smodcast fan. The bonus features could have been better, but what is there is presented well. Highly Recommended

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