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The Age of Monsters is Nigh!


A false poster but a wicked poster none the less.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the reign of the monster movies (or Kaiju movies as people have been known to call them) is in full swing with 2013’s Pacific Rim and 2014’s Godzilla and I couldn’t be happier, but more to the point, the box office couldn’t be happier. Dump trucks of money have been acquired not only here in the states but around the globe, (as of this article, Godzilla has yet to premiere in his home of Japan), so only one thing can come out of all this revenue: SEQUELS. Let’s talk about’em.

Radioactive Death returns for two more Rounds

This is old news, but I thought “why not talk about it as well?” First, a quick story: I was on a subway train when I saw this announcement and I stood up and shouted “Woooo!’ at the top of my lungs. My fellow train riders just didn’t understand the fanboy love they witnessed. The film did gangbusters, so thus we get one more film and everyone is thinking, “which monsters are going to show up and will they be from the Toho classic line?” If future Godzilla films end up featuring only original creations, I’d have no gripe with that. However, seeing Americanized versions of Gigan, Ghidorah, or Mothra would be VERY interesting.

In the midst of all this news, director Gareth Edwards was hired to film the first Star Wars spin-off film, a rumored Boba Fett solo film slated for a 2016 release date, which means the earliest we can probably expect Godzilla II may be in 2018-2019. While that’s a bummer, I’d rather they took their time with a sequel than rush it out. If I could give Edwards any advice? Two words: More Serizawa.

Robots vs. Monsters gets a Sequel and Animated Series


Robits done right: Bay-less.

We wanted it bad enough, bought the blu-ray and figures and now we’ll have one more go around — and more; Guillermo Del Toro, the mad scientist from Mexico, will bring to us not only Pacific Rim II but an animated series as well. I have a hunch that the animation style might be the same done in the two animated Hellboy flicks, Sword of Storms and Blood and Iron. Rumors are stirring about what will be different in the sequel, from there being Kaiju/Jaeger hybrids to Jaegers that can combine together to form an even bigger, more powerful mech. Obviously, Del Toro would like to pay more homage to anime and childhood favorites, the Megazord and Voltron. We’ll just have to wait three years, as the release date is April 7th, 2017.

One more bit of news, not really movie-related but it’s worth it…

Godzilla Roaring to Playstation 3


King of the Console Games.

A few hours before all the Pacific Rim news broke, my day was made with this. A brand-new video game based on the sixty year old radioactive death will be coming not to mobile phones or websites but exclusively to PS3…in Japan. As of right now, this game is only scheduled to be released in the land of the rising sun, but hopefully developer Bandai Namco Games can strike the deal over here and I (and fellow G-Groupie, Skinslip) can receive our copies for Christmas. The premise for the new venture is so promising: The player will go through missions as different incarnations of The King of the Monsters (’54, ’62, ’84, ’01). The last game I remember playing was Godzilla Unleashed back on PS2 and Wii so something fresh? Sign me up. You want the perfect downloadable content? Zilla. ‘Nuff said.

Check out the trailer:

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