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GameChasers Season 2

The Game Chasers – Season 2 DVD Review


The guys on their way to hunt for some games.

After putting out a stellar DVD of the first season of the hit YouTube show, the Game Chasers have just released their second DVD. Similar to the first one, it went up for pre-order on Indiegogo, but I’m sure that it will be up for sale via other means soon.

The pre-order gave you two options: The first option was the regular, three disc DVD and the second was a deluxe edition with a fourth disc and map. Unfortunately, the set with the fourth disc is only available in limited quantities; anyone who pre-ordered will obviously get one, but there may only be a few more that become available for purchase. I personally opted for the deluxe set.

This set has, of course, all the episodes from the second season of Game Chasers. If you don’t know anything about the series, allow me to explain the premise: Game Chasers focuses on two friends named Billy and Jay who go around to flea markets, garage sales, conventions and other locations looking for games. The production value is incredibly high and rivals the quality of televised reality shows. Even if you’re not interested in video games, there’s still enough comedy and personality in this web series to keep you entertained. This season features the guys going to Magfest, Las Vegas, and an arcade auction (on time). This is the season where the show really finds its footing. It’s not my favorite season, but even the worst season is still more entertaining than most of the shows broadcast on television. In terms of the video quality, the episodes look alright; this is a DVD set, so it is limited to standard definition. That being said, I’m sure the show would look great in proper HD on a Blu-ray, but I understand how expensive and impractical it might be to produce BDs independently.

Like the first season, the second season comes in a Digipak (which comes in a slipcase in the special edition). To put it simply, the packaging is very professional. The Game Chasers Season 2 DVD set looks like something you could pick up on a store shelf, and it honestly looks better than most professional releases you see nowadays. The box art is consistent with the first season, as it has the same art style and overall design. This ensures that the two seasons look very nice alongside each other on your self. Unlike last time, where the bonus disc was in a cardboard sleeve, in this set the bonus disc gets its own case which sits in the slip box along with the main discs.


The 8bit art style is found on all of the menus.

The discs have fully animated menus, based on various games of the 8 bit era. In addition, every episode has its own menu that is inspired by the particular episode you choose. It’s also packed with Easter Eggs, probably more than any other release I’ve ever seen. This release goes above and beyond any expectations you might have for a DVD based on a moderately successful Youtube series. It’s also packed with a bunch of interesting bonus features as well. Pretty much everything on their Youtube channel from this period of time is available on this set, with the more substantial videos featured on the third disc. The exclusive bonus disc features things such as That’s the Way Game Playing Go (a series where the guys talk about their gaming memories and experiences), fan parodies, photo galleries for the artwork of the first two DVDs, additional outtakes, and an insanely hard quiz about the show. I won’t spoil what you get when you complete the quiz, but I will say that it’s worth checking out.

Overall, if you’re a fan of the show, then I don’t see why you wouldn’t want this DVD. Yes, the episodes are all online for free, but there’s enough content here to make the Game Chasers Season 2 DVD set worth your while. And if you haven’t seen the show? Watch a few episodes online and see if you like it. If you do, then I recommend ordering the first two seasons on DVD and having a marathon.

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