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The Game Chasers Season One – DVD Review


If you’re even remotely into the Youtube gaming community, chances are you know of the Game Chasers. Recently, they have put out a DVD of their first season of episodes.

If you haven’t watched or even heard of the Game Chasers, you are missing out. It is a serious contender for one the best independently produced shows on Youtube. The show is centered around two guys named Billy and Jay going around to flea markets, stores and other places looking for retro games. The best way to describe the show (and how they themselves describe it in the documentary) is American Pickers but with video games. That being said, the show is so much more than that. After even just a few vlcsnap-2013-12-30-18h32m31s85episodes, you’ll grow to know and love not just the two Chasers themselves, but also cameramen Melvor and Dodongo. The show maintains the perfect balance of video game humor and unrelated comedy.

The DVD itself went up for pre-order on Indie GoGo a few months ago. The demand was there and people pre-ordered in droves. The first pre-order period made $44,167 and the second one made $4,173. That’s not bad at all for a show that can be watched for free on Youtube. Aside from extended cuts of each episode, there are tons of bonus features including the Halloween and the Christmas specials. The rest of the features on the set will not be found anywhere else. There is a nearly hour long documentary documenting the creation and production of the show which goes all the way back to a failed feature film before the production of the series. The documentary is full of other Youtube gaming personalities, each of them giving a detailed account of their interaction with the Chasers. If that doesn’t provide you enough inside information on the episodes, each one has a commentary for it by Billy, Jay, and Melvor. Just like the episodes themselves, the commentaries are a mix of information and comedy.

Even if that kind of stuff doesn’t interest you, the set also includes a never before seen episode made up of unused clips from the entirety of the first season. Even that episode has a commentary on it. Outtakes and deleted scenes are also included on the DVD. One of the features I was most looking forward to was an interview with the “Alright Kid” who has become a bit of meme to fans of the show. Aside from the documentary, my favorite features were the making of featurettes. In these featurettes, Billy shows us what goes into filming, how he edits, and how he makes the animated episodes. The videos are short, but give a nice overview of how each episode is made and should be enough to satisfy fans of the show.

If you were lucky enough to preorder the set, you received “The Super Duper Sexy Game Chasers Bonus Third Disc of Doom.” It’s a nice thank you to all who preordered it, but it is by no means essential. The disc includes some short vlcsnap-2013-12-30-18h33m27s153clips of a Dodongo interview. It also has outtakes and deleted scenes from the documentary. All of Billy’s early Captain8Bit videos are included, which compliments the documentary nicely. A few other short videos round out this third disc. Like I said, it’s a nice thank you, but don’t be too upset if you missed out on the preorder.

As for the quality, the discs are very professional. Each episode has its own menu where you can choose to watch with commentary or not. Of course, all the menus are video game themed. One very pleasant surprise that is not too common with modern DVDs is that this set has a ton a Easter Eggs. None of them are anything of substance, but they make you laugh and make navigating the menus fun. The video quality is what you would expect. However, the documentary looks a lot better, being shot on a newer camera than the season 1 episodes. One minor quibble that I can ignore is the fact that these episodes were all shot and edited in HD. I would have loved a Blu-ray, but I know how expensive it is to make them, especially for a small-scale operation. However, if the price drops in the future, I hope the guys know that demand is there for HD Game Chasers.

So if I haven’t already convinced you that this DVD is a must buy for a Game Chasers fan, the pre-order price of $20 shipped was very reasonable, but if you got caught slippin’ and missed the pre-order, you might have to wait a bit longer. Currently, there is no where to buy the set, but I’m sure they will be for sale after all the pre-orders are sent out. But that’s just the way Game Chasin’ go.

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