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Workaholics – Seasons 1 & 2 Combo Doggy Blu Ray

WORKAHOLICS, what can I say about this show? How about it’s one of the funniest shows on TV? Yeah, I’ll go with that. It’s one of the funniest shows on TV.

workaholics-by-vrexillpng-1779 2I have to be honest; I unfairly judged this show based on the previews and the commercials that Comedy Central used to promote the show. I even badmouthed the show on my Facebook page.

You see, through Comedy Central’s choice of clips that it used to promote the show, I chalked it up to being just another “dumb stoner comedy” ). drug 2I usually do have issues with a lot of stoner culture, especially “stoner” movies. Not all stoner movies are terrible, but to be honest, most are. Aside from REEFER MADNESS and the Cheech & Chong movies (which I am not a fan of), the most famous of stoner comedies has got to be HALF-BAKED, co-written and starring the ultra hilarious Dave Chappelle. The film is a shining gem in a genre of predominantly dirt movies. At its heart, it’s a genuine comedy that just happens to revolve around a group of bong-toking friends who get in over their heads with the wrong people. If you removed the marijuana elements of the movie and set it to revolve around a group of friends who like, oh… I don’t know… ice cream?

Okay, maybe ice cream was a bad example. My point is, much of the humor is derived from the group of friends and their interactions with one another. While the marijuana is an obvious and overwhelming element of the show, it ultimately isn’t the backbone of the movie. The same can be said about WORKAHOLICS. Blake, Ders, and Kyle are three roommates fresh out of college feeling their way through a joke of a telemarketing corporation. The fact that they went to college to wind up as telemarketers is hilarious. I’ve personally been working telemarketing jobs since I was 17; it was my preferred choice to flipping burgers. I’ve done

honey 2just about everything one can do in the world of telemarketing. I’ve been a closer, a verifier, an appointment setter, and even manager. I am a cold-call master. So, to see these three college graduates banging away at a job I worked and excelled at during high school is already kind of funny to me. For all the outrageous adventures and antics, the friendship between our three dimwitted folly-prone friends feels genuine and much of this has to do with the fact that most of the show is written by the guys themselves. The fact that they use their real first names in the show has to lend a certain amount of authenticity to their conversations.

WORKAHOLICS feels like a combination of THE OFFICE, with a healthy dose of FAMILY GUY-esque random and obscure pop culture references, mixed in with two parts HAROLD & KUMAR, a dash of ANIMAL HOUSE, and a side order of TRAILER PARK BOYS. You get all that?

 I decided to give WORKAHOLICS a try when I came across the “COMBO DOGGY” double pack blu-ray. Two seasons for the price of one, I couldn’t pass it up and I’m glad I didn’t. The blu rays are also packed with two seasons worth of robust extras. It’s definitely a value pack that’s tailor made to ensure that by the time you finish both seasons you’ll be hooked, which is totally tight butt hole.

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