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User Submissions Are Back Up!

108334Submitting an article on G33k-e.com is very easy! With just one more click, you will be taken to a page where you can format and edit your article however you wish.

After you submit your article for review, one of our editors will make it look pretty. Our editing services are not only absolutely free, but they are required for any and all articles that are posted to the front page.

We have made the decision to focus on the quality of our content first and foremost because we feel it is the right thing to do. We can only hope that the rest of the internet decides to join us in our crusade against poorly written content, but until then, we are proud to be one of the few websites offering free editorial services to any and all content creators.

All that being said, our editorial requirements put us in an interesting position. We can’t (and shouldn’t) change your content without your consent, which is why we will require you to give said consent before continuing to the next page. The act of clicking the button to continue signifies your willingness to consent to the editing of your content.

Please know that we stand by an author’s right to say whatever they wish to say. As a website devoted to giving geeks the opportunity to express themselves freely, our team of editors is tasked only with fixing grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes and problems with syntax. If, at any time, one of our editors decides that the work provided requires enough editing that the task cannot be completed without changing the meaning of the text, we may decide not to post it. As such, we reserve the right to deny any submitted content if we feel that it would put the intent of the author at risk.

It will be at the sole discretion of our team of editors to determine whether or not submitted content can be properly edited without changing the intent of the author. If we are unable to post your article for whatever reason, we will make every attempt to inform you and rectify the situation.

If your article should become popular enough to meet an undisclosed threshold in revenue, we will make every attempt to contact you and share a full half of the profits. Unlike other websites, we don’t just expect you to give us free content for nothing. Obviously, exposure is important, but if your work makes us money, we aren’t going to be those greedy d-bags who keep it all for themselves.

In addition to our revenue sharing plan, we offer free ad space for every regular contributor. Those who produce an article that is selected for the home page at least once every month for three months will be given the opportunity to promote whatever they wish in their own 300X250 ad space at the top of the sidebar. No, your ad will not be hidden, it will be at the top of the page and visible to all who should choose to read your work.

Of course, we cannot allow you to use this ad space to promote anything which would be detrimental to the image of our site or to the other revenues of our site. What this means is that any contributor ads will have to fit the basic rules and regulations of our ad servers. These rules typically include guidelines such as:

1082No Pornography
No Graphic Violence
No Bright/Flashing Ads
No Malicious Code/Ads

If you keep these simple guidelines in mind before submitting your ad, you will be earning all of your own revenue from said ad space in no time. That’s right – this high value ad space will be all yours; we will not take any of the profits from your personal contributor ad space. Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to determine which ads might be detrimental to our service. We also reserve the right to remove any ad which has caused harm to our site in any way, for any reason.

If your article is found to cause harm to the site in any way, shape or form, we reserve the right to remove said article from G33k-e.com and protect our own interests. In extreme cases, this could mean removal of your status as a regular contributor to the site, but in most cases it will simply mean the removal of an ad – or at worst, the removal of your content.

Basically, if you follow Wheaton’s law, you’re in the clear.

Now that you’ve read through our boring little privacy policy, please feel free to continue on and produce as much content as you wish. G33k-e.com will not turn down an article simply because we do not agree with it. We have read through and edited more than a few reviews and biased editorials that we didn’t agree with, but it’s not our place to tell the geek how to feel; here at G33k-e.com, we believe that it is the geek’s place to tell us how they feel. Do not be afraid to geek out! We won’t judge you. Okay, we’ll judge your spelling and stuff, but that’s only fair – right?


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